Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stitches Midwest - The Recap

Whew - what a show! We had such a great time at Midwest. Always so much fun to see our Midwest customers (and those of you who travelled even further). Thanks to everyone for making the weekend such a blast.

I thought I'd try a bit of a different twist in sharing Stitches with all of you. I did take a lot of pictures, some of which I will share with you, but first, I'd like to share this:

Yes, I know, probably not the safest video ever taken, but I was excited. I promised Steve I would not do this again.

We arrived at the convention center and here's where things stood:

Finally, time to call it a show:

I have to interim sections that just don't seem to be cooperating tonight including one great video of some of the Berroco garments. I am out of patience Blogger, so will leave you with these for tonight and the following questions. More tomorrow.

I'd love to know what you all think of the video. I promise (a) I will get better at it and (b) not include this many videos in any one post on a regular basis. I am excited. I've had this little Flip video cam ever since I saw Kim Werker with it - nearly a year ago. Not only is it adorable and super functional - it's orange, which I love.

I do have some cool photos from the show as well, which I will discuss tomorrow!



Trisha said...

It is fun to see the "behind the scenes". I'm looking forward to the next ones.

Deb said...

I wish I could watch the videos, but with only a dial up account, it can take an hour to download even a short video!

Kathy said...

Hey Deb - Sorry you aren't able to view the videos. Even with broadband these things can sometimes be painfully slow.

eda said...




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