Thursday, July 31, 2008

NY Sheep & Wool

WEBS will be hosting another bus trip to this year's NY Sheep & Wool Festival. The date is Saturday, October 18th. We've reserved two buses and need to have enough registrations to be sure we're covering the costs for both by the middle of August. Last year's trip was a sell-out, so I am confident we'll fill two buses this year. We'll depart WEBS around 7:30am and return around 6pm-ish. We'll provide a continental breakfast for everyone, but please bring your own coffee! There will be lots of fun on the trip out to Rhinebeck including fun games with prizes! Bring along your latest project, relax on our motor coach bus and enjoy a phenomenal day in Rhinebeck! Cost of the trip is $65.00 all inclusive. Get yourself registered today so you don't miss out!

On another note, this summer has been wrought with really bizarre weather here in Western Massachusetts. We've had a couple of reported tornadoes, over 12" of rain in the past month (record breaking) and more severe thunderstorms than I can remember in one summer. Now, you all know I am a weather buff and I've been loving a lot of this, but things have really gotten out of control. This afternoon we had a shower come through, a couple of distant rumbles of thunder and some wind. It was tame in comparison to what some of our storms have been like. I hurried the kids in, got the windows closed, fielded a call from a neighbor and then, I turned around and my patio umbrella was gone! I looked all around the yard and scanned the neighbors' yards, but couldn't find it. Once the heavy rain stopped, I sent the boys out for a look and sure enough, they found it:

Yes, it's on the roof, where else would it be? Only 7 and 9 year old boys would even think to look up!



Jocelyn said...

Too funny about the boys and the roof! Guess Manny can look forward to better weather in LA! P.S. Check out the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated (says the ex-New Yorker still living the dream).

Nicole said...

We had a similar thing happen with our umbrella, but ours went completely over the house and smashed on the street in front. Our neighbor came to the door with the mangled mess. Weather can be wild.

Meliabella said...

So glad you all found it and that no one was hurt! In the spring we had a micro-burst and our gas grill almost went through the sliding door. Hope you have time to enjoy the sun today! :)

eda said...




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