Sunday, September 16, 2007


That despite how many times I "space" my paragraphs properly, they all run together when I publish. Please, if there is a trick somebody knows about, I'd love to hear from you!


Auntie X said...

Have you tried using the html paragraph and break tags? Html normally ignores regular whitespace

Kathy said...

Have not tried that, but I will. I'm pretty much a novice with html, know enough to make a mess :) I'm sure my IT guy can clarify a few points for me.

I published and posted today's post about 6 times, in between "fixing" the spacing only to have it look exactly the same in subsequent "posts".

Jill said...

I go thru the same problem on blogspot. You are not alone!

Jenn said...

Under settings/formatting there's an option called "convert line breaks." the note says:
"If Yes is selected, single hard-returns entered in the Post Editor will be replaced with single tags in your blog, and two hard-returns will be replaced with two tags."
Check to see if "yes" is selected. This may help.

Good luck!

Knitted Gems said...

Here's my trick. I check the Preview to see how it will look once published. If I don't like it, I save it. Then, go to the Posts page where all your current and older posts are listed. Click on most recent to edit it and fiddle with the spacing again.
Preview again before posting. If it still isn't right, go through the process again.
Sometimes it takes more 2-3 times to get it just right.
BTW - I just got your new catalog. Thanks!

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