Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ballet Wrap

Several folks have asked about the pink sweater that is the backdrop for my finished crochet scarf (sniff, sniff, it's okay, my feelings aren't hurt, sniff. . . . .)

It's our Valley Yarns #130 Al-Araaf Wrap knit from our alpaca/silk blend called Deerfield. Our own Kirsten, designer extraordinaire came up with the pattern. The sweater is darling and looks good on various body shapes.

Here's the link to the pattern, which is $1.99 on its own or FREE when you purchase the yarn.



Faith said...

Love your podcast! I was trolling for new knitting shows and found yours. Great job. =)

Lorraine said...

Do you think the Al-Araaf wrap would work with Longmeadow instead of Deerfield? I'd like to make a short-sleeved version for summer wear, and was thinking that a cotton blend might be better for that.

Kathy said...

Hi Lorraine

There's no reason that I can think of that Longmeadown wouldn't sub just fine for this pattern. Make sure you do a swatch, but I think it will be quite lovely.

Please email us a picture when it's done! I'd love to see the design in short sleeves!


Kathy said...

Hi Faith

Thanks for the kind words! We're having fun!


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